November 22, 2022

In Memoriam of Our Beloved Dr. Chris

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on many people, completely reshaping the way we lived for nearly two years. One of the countries we serve was hit especially hard. In India, our beloved Dr. Chris lost his life to a severe bout of the respiratory disease, which left his wife and daughter with a house to pay off, a local ministry to run in his absence, and more.

Who Was Dr. Chris?

Dr. Chris was born in India and always had a heart for helping those less fortunate. He studied medicine and provided free or low-cost medical care to anyone who needed it.

Dr. Chris was more than just a doctor, though; he was a husband, a father, and a community leader. He dedicated his life to helping others, both through his medical practice and through his local ministry. He was always willing to lend a helping hand, whether it was paying for someone’s groceries or providing medical care to those who couldn’t afford it. He was truly one of a kind and will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

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